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Jun 12 2020

Herman Miller updates Aeron chair by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick

VDF products fair: Office furniture brand Herman Miller has updated and reissued its iconic Aeron chair designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. The updated Aeron was developed by Herman Miller in 2016 with original co-designer Chadwick in a bid to make it more responsive to different body types.
Mar 16 2020

Boult Wade Tennant’s Office By Direct Tiling Group

Direct Tiling Group has partnered with Boult Wade Tennant, a global intellectual property firm, to create a contemporary & stylish office, providing more social & breakout space for the brand – enabling better communication & collaboration among employees.
Feb 13 2020

The Orbit, the building for Beat

The deserted ghost building on Kifisias Avenue, before the traffic lights of Panormou, was, for almost a decade, a depressing, dark and vacant space. For the past few months however, it has begun to come alive, acquiring dimension, curves, depth and colour, (white), with traces of green on the facade which appear to be blossoming and will become a wonderful, verdant 'Spaceship' in this area of Athens, in which are located the majority of the city's high rise structures. Its name: The Orbit.
Feb 7 2020

Berlin’s Brutalist Silence office has barely anything inside

Concrete surfaces and just a smattering of furnishings provide a "silent stage" for members using this Berlin office, designed by Annabell Kutucu. The office – which interior designer Kutucu named Brutalist Silence – sits beside the waters of Berlin's Spree River and is occupied by marketing specialists No Ordinary Agency.
Feb 3 2020

Muuto expands Copenhagen offices with new pastel-coloured workspaces

Danish furniture brand Muuto has expanded its existing Copenhagen offices, creating a showroom and a series of versatile workspaces decked out in pastel hues. The headquarters are set above the bustling shopping street of Østergade in central Copenhagen, and plays host to Muuto's offices and showroom.
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May 17 2019

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May 30 2019

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