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May 20 2023

Nika Zupanc’s Knitty Chair for Moooi “plays with scale”

Poliform’s new alfresco lifestyle vision was displayed in Milan within the Chiostri di San Simpliciano, merging sound and vision in an immersive showcase.
Jul 14 2021

The NR2 family is expanding

Bertjan Pot's NR2 ia a Moooi original that is as timeless as it is loved. We honour our Moooi Original designs by further improving them. Therefore, we are proud to announce an expansion of the NR2 family with our brand-new NR2 Large. NR2 Large is just as airy and light as its medium counterpart  and also available in white and black.
Jul 11 2020

Hubble Bubble light by Marcel Wanders for Moooi

Glass spheres are strung up on a circular metal frame to create Hubble Bubble, a light designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Dutch design brand Moooi, which aims to capture the childhood joy of blowing soap bubbles.
Jan 9 2020

The ephemeral beauty of Meshmatics

Dutch designer Rick Tegelaar is fascinated by materials, especially the ones he describes as ‘undervalued’. His award-winning Meshmatics Chandelier for Moooi takes its form from the simple beauty of chicken wire mesh, developed in a process he designed in his Arnhem studio in The Netherlands.
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May 17 2019

Piero Lissoni designs modular Dock seating system for B&B Italia

May 30 2019

Barber and Osgerby creates Smalto enamel tables for Knoll

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