Glass spheres are strung up on a circular metal frame to create Hubble Bubble, a light designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Dutch design brand Moooi, which aims to capture the childhood joy of blowing soap bubbles. Much like bubbles, the bulbs are blown by hand and rendered in an iridescent, oil-like finish or a more subtle frosted one. The design comes in a smaller version with seven bulbs and a larger version with 11, which can be combined and hung at different angles.

“Hubble Bubble captures those carefree youthful moments of blowing soap bubbles that aimlessly float away,” said Gabriele Chiave, the creative director of Marcel Wanders studio.

“Suspending our imagination in place, the iridescent lights on the interior and exterior of the flat ring cast infinite combinations across any room.”

To maintain its uncluttered design, the light makes use of a technology called Electrosandwich, which was originally developed by Wanders for Moooi as part of an earlier lighting design called Flattering. By embedding conductive material within the frame of the light, it eliminates the need for individual wires running to each LED and allows the design to be as sleek as possible.