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May 11 2024

Color Dipping | Duplex Apartment by Hainis Architects

Dipped in color, this duplex apartment is located in Rema Chaladriou. Designed by Greek architect Sotiris Hainis this duplex apartment is a study in color.
May 8 2024

Lokum Tables by Sabine Marcelis are Glass Jewelry for the Home

Matter, light and colour merge in an intense material interplay in the Lokum series of side tables, crafted by Sabine Marcelis for Acerbis.
Oct 19 2023

An architect’s advice for decorating your home in a retro style

The cream tones and rounded lines of this apartment in Milan meet the warmth of wood in a welcoming domestic postcard, with a slightly retro tone. The architect Ekaterina Rezepina found herself vis à vis with a interior design project born with the need to transform a luxurious space originally used as an office, into a warm point of reference that can be called 'home'.
Armchair Collection By Deloudis
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Apr 6 2024

Apartment M by Maria Kardami Design Studio

Mar 22 2024

Franck Muller Boutique in Athens designed by Keno Arena

Dec 14 2023

Cassina store in Athens, Grand Opening

Mar 27 2024

Portgate Tower, The new tower of Limassol

Light Collection
By Deloudis
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