It is a collection that captures the sophistication of minimalist shapes, enhanced by the skilled craftsmanship of blown glass. Sabine Marcelis, known for her poetic and meticulous use of reflective surfaces and colour nuances, has fashioned a collection that radiates ethereal charm. This collection produces remarkable interplays of light and shade. Lokum is available in rectangular and square versions in amber and smoky hues providing extensive versatility for standalone pieces or in conjunction with other items for customised configurations. Lokum is the tangible result of the Dutch designer’s ability to transform materials into works of art.The Lokum collection comprises low tables in either square and rectangular forms and in amber or smokey gray colors. While the tables are sleek and smooth to the touch, the handmade effect of the blown glass gives the tables their incredibly subtle variations. The glass is in a constant interplay with light and shadow as the natural light changes throughout the day or bodies move about in the room. Light also bounces off the tables and casts diffused washes of color onto the surrounding environment.