At the end of 2014, AfroditiKrassa was approached to re-conceptualise, design and brand an existing Greek restaurant in London’s Soho.
The focus of the food is the Greek street food culture of souvlaki. Greece is presenting itself as an emerging creative powerhouse and the interior design and branding picks up on this energy: raw, witty and idiosyncratic. AfroditiKrassa’s overall creative direction was inspired by Athens’ notorious graffiti to reflect an authentic urban side of Greece that is far removed from the touristic cliches of Greek eateries worldwide. The restaurant buzzes with energy and pace as it shows off the grilling, with an intimate table setting and rich bold colours.

The clever use of space results in a total of 34 covers in less than 370 square feet. The interior design is based on a palette of blues, from inky petrol blues to bright turquoise hues, have been used throughout the scheme in a myriad of rich textures, finished and patterns. The result is a dark and classic; resourceful and understated. The feature grill has been positioned prominently to the shop from to create theatre and showcase the provenance of ingredients and specialist grilling. Products from our signature product range, AKollection have have been used throughout the interior including the Moroccan made Piano Tiles and bevelled glass Pentagon pendant lamps, creating a warm and bold feature reflecting light along the ceiling. Furniture and bric-a-brac are sourced and made in Greece, alongside Greek marble table tops and Italian lava stone worktops. The feature Greek column cladded wall is produced by a repetition of over 80 reclaimed, vintage Italian terrazzo fluted column sections.