It is a restaurant under the sign of the first great. A well-known subject of C Gastronomie, the caterer, stamped "craftsman of taste" that transformed the cocktails and the dinners Lyon in the gastronomic moments! At its head, Isabelle Darnault, wife of the event and Christophe Foulquier, cook. In 8 years, they were able to give another image of the trade, associated with the most beautiful receptions. Recently, they venture into the general public with an innovative concept, Taste Shops and today .... Restaurant!

Chef West of Lyon, to put the dishes in the big ones. STONE The architects sign the black building with industrial consonants. And for interior design? They use the know-how of Claude Cartier Studio, its very first gastronomic establishment ... and which establishment! It is a real concept that Claude Cartier and Fabien Louvier deliver, from the decorative imprint to the name, the graphic charter elaborated by Didier Caillens (Wark Design). But why the Black Forest? "It all started with Wall & Decò wallpaper" Midsummer Night ", which immediately seduced us.

This grisaille with the intonations of the XVIIIth century was our starting point decorative. It inspired me the name, The Black Forest, which offers a double reading: landscape and dessert. Claude Cartier, the aesthetes and gourmets are finally together, they have their place reserved according to the desires of the day - in the heart of the room, carried by the Gubi chairs or wrapped on the confident projected to measure Sahco Velours and base Brass , Elegantly embracing the Petite Friture marble tables, in the private lounge, the attenuated voices of the Dimore Studio carpet for Pierre Frey or the monumental bar, marble and brass cocktail house, reflecting the aureoles of Selles Wiener GTV ...

The architectural volume is subjugated by these pieces of design and these coatings, for many unpublished in a restaurant! The mirrors scattered on both sides do not hesitate to multiply the scenes, like the mirror Palanco de Glas Italia. The richness of the coatings creates the rhythm, oscillating between checkered marble, concrete, parquet, wallpaper, porcelain stoneware ... Nail of the spectacle: the monumental brass chandeliers of Magic Circus tame the stagings. From design to plates, where the talents of chefs Christophe Foulquier and Cédric Berthier brilliantly illustrate the expression "house".