Located in an upcoming neighborhood of the city, the restaurant aims to be a landmark for the regeneration of the old distressed urban fabric. Its approach is simple and clear, using natural materials and mixing them with the abundant greenery. Design is a tool for reaching a particular atmosphere rather than aiming to enhance a certain type of image. The space is designed as an urban oasis, a lush jungle enclosed into a concrete and steel frame. The green, vegetal component of the design comes to complete the concept of the restaurant, that serves a unique, exotic, round the world, fusion cuisine.

The plants create a strong outdoor connection, at the same time defining a few private, secluded areas. The materials used are raw, direct and uncomplicated. Concrete on the floor and the pillars, glazed ceramic tiles for the colored background layer, mirror on the walls and brass details all make up a perfect background for the marble and wooden furniture. All the different areas are the direct result of the functional scheme, a delicate balance between the higher, more strict perimetral sitting area and the middle, softer, more organic, fluid occupancy.

The space is treated uniformly with various different focal points, starting with the eight meter long marble bar with a mirror in the background and a light mint ceramic frame and continuing with the delicate exotic wall painting, that balances the fine constructed lines with the strong and abundant theme of the luxurious jungle. The light is soft and focused on the tables, with a few exceptions that highlight various focal points. The entire atmosphere is constructed to complete the culinary experience and to help immerse into the green, lush urban oasis.