Inspired by the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi, the element of imperfection within transient beauty, the practice of B.K. Architects created this elegant interior of the Izakaya Japanese restaurant in Amsterdam. The building, which also houses the Sir Albert hotel, a boutique establishment  with the concept of the mansion of a laid back aristocrat, was once an factory for the city’s world renowned diamond industry.

The restaurant also functions as the breakfast bar and restaurant for the Sir Albert and as such, follows the design concept of the hotel. The theme of refined imperfection through the harmonizing of lines and colors which avoid any sense of the banal, begins with the reclaimed zinc cladding of the statement making 360 degree bar, each metallic panel is riveted into place adding an industrial element to the space. The dark floor is of sandblasted Indian slate with just enough mismatched pieces to avoid a perfect finish. A number of seating options are available, around an open grill, communal dining and cozy upholstered booths to accommodate the customers eager to sample the Asian fusion delights of Michelin star chef, Harry Shetty.

The street level transparency seen in Dutch architecture guided the designers to raise the floor level of the interior to bring the diners face to face with the pedestrians outside. This factor of Dutch life is a common element in the urban fabric of Amsterdam and allows a constant dialogue between the dynamic interior of the Izakaya with the world at large.