Designed by Aiji Inoue of Doyle Collection, the Ginza Steak Tajima in Tokyo, Japan exudes an atmosphere of understated elegance. A space of 103.5 sq.m contains a bar style seating space as well as a private dining room.

The grained horse chestnut wooden panels, which have been used to line the walls, have undergone a specialist treatment in order that their highly polished surfaces have attained the gleam of marble, while retaining the warmth of wood. The Oya stone, a traditional and much loved Japanese material has also been incorporated into the design.

The local technique of ‘Nagus’ is seen in the curvature of the hanging cupboards and the decor has been completed by the installation of an intimate lighting arrangement. All in all, the very smart design of this establishment has achieved the identity of exactly what it had set out to be, a luxury eatery with the sophistication of an exclusive gentleman’s club.