The new restaurant of En compañía de lobos, located in an annexed building of the Madrid Institute of Architects, was a challenge for Sandra Tarruella Interioristas in itself. It was a very open and transparent space wrapped in a glass, steel and concrete facade. It had large openings and natural light, double height ceilings, but the spaces were subdivided into small areas. Despite looking like a simple project to resolve, Sandra Tarruella Interioristas had to find the balance between a very distinctive architecture and be able to create a warm and comfortable ambience, where spaces remain related to one other.

The restaurant consists of several spaces. The main space is a double height cube where the central bar is located, and with an exposed kitchen as a focal point. In the elongated wing, connected by a glazed finish corridor, we the dining room library is placed. In the two lower floors the kitchen, the back of house and restrooms are located. Finally, a terrace was built in the garden as an extension of the interior dining room.

The main cube relates to the exterior by making an opening in the lattice of the building facade, and by building a platform along the facade, made of a compound of PVC and natural fibers. This way, an open access to the outside was left, hence, transforming the existing garden of the restaurant´s terrace by fully connecting it to the interior space. The same indoor and outdoor furniture was used to enhance the idea that the terrace is the extension of the indoor dining room. The access to the building annexed is done through a glass cube, which has been finished in fire retardant fir wood, inviting the visitor to enter the library dining room.

In respect to the furniture chosen, Sandra Tarruella Interioristas opted to select a series of classic furniture designs and lighting, to give a nod to the building where the restaurant is placed. Their references were the architecture of Mies van der Rohe, Antonio Citterio and Achille Castiglioni (industrial designers and architects), besides the designs of Vico Magistretti (designer).

By the selection of furniture, the use of materials, and warm lighting, an open and transparent space has turned into a cozy restaurant with a warm ambience.