An exciting new organic product has recently been launched in the Greek and European markets, a product that is produced and packaged in Greece. The brain child of Afroditi Florou and Gianna Mattheou, the series of infusions under the name ‘Anassa’, came into being after thorough research by a team of experts in the fields of science and organic agriculture, in order to determine the specific health enhancing benefits of the wealth of aromatic herbs and plants grown in Greek soil.

From the countless samples, a total of 15 plants were chosen, nurtured, gathered and dried at the optimum moment to provide the base of the beverages, ensuring that each product would contain the maximum amount of its beneficial qualities. Last but not least, the tin container of Anassa, each one adorned with sketches of creatures from Greek Mythology, referencing the value of aromatic plants in that era, offers an assurance of the freshness of the contents. Another delightful surprise is the highly original appearance of the product itself, instead of the customary pre packed filters, Anassa invites us to place the product into an individual filter which is then balanced on a cup with the help of a pristine wooden pole.

This method of preparation echoes the steps of a traditional tea ceremony and allows the senses to enjoy each movement, a holistic experience which promises to satisfy and soothe even before tasting the delicate aromas of this exceptional product. Anassa is currently available in selected outlets in Greece and Europe and is set to take the International market by storm to become another favourite in the ever expanding range of unique Greek products!