Designed by Herzog & de Meuron in conjunction with TFP Farrells and Arup, the building covers an area of 65,000 m2, reclaimed from the maritime port, located on the waterfront of Victoria Harbour. A building composed of two volumes: a horizontal podium and a thin vertical tower, cladded with terracotta tiles, to form an upside down ‘T’, anchoring the building to the subsoil.

The HongKong Lamp mainly concentrates on the external area which is created in the link between the Found Space (the evocative, excavated exhibition space that extends across multiple floors) and the raised, horizontal building: the entrance forum for the general public. Screened from the direct sunlight and skillfully lit by Flos with its iconic HongKong Lamp, this entrance lets visitors learn about all of the museum’s activities in just once glance. The same Flos lamp also lights the information area, the corridors and the passageways inside the museum.

The HongKong Lamp is a design by Herzog & de Meuron developed and produced by Flos Outdoor – the Flos Group division, specialised in the professional outdoor lighting sector. The lamp perfectly fits in with the modern and dynamic setting of the museum. It is characterized by a very high mechanical strength, which derived from the singular union of a polycarbonate diffusor – a beautiful dome that is shiny on the outside and opaque on the inside -, with an inner lamp surrounding the electric components and the light source.