In Melbourne, the traditional façade of a house in the suburb of Toorak hides the unexpected. Supervised by the architect Don Hall, the renovation has respected the vision of owner Shannon Bennett, who wanted somewhere to enjoy his hobbies in freedom. From a home cinema to a mini spa, library and gym, the four floors of this house are a concentrate of what Shannon calls “aspirational places.” The result is modern and minimal, in deliberate contrast with the style of the original exteriors.

Shannon’s desire to enjoy his many interests and hobbies, undisturbed in peace and quiet lies behind the house’s unusual layout. His profession as a chef, together with a personal love for entertaining naturally meant special focus on the design of the kitchen.
“This home expresses my special vision of quality of life and an Italian kitchen was not just a random choice. I was looking for the ideal balance between the aesthetic harmony of a contemporary design product and the guarantee of a high level of functionality. Italia by Arclinea delivered the best solution for these needs.”

The kitchen holds a unique value for Shannon Bennett. An internationally famous chef, highly sought-after guest and judge on TV shows, including the Australian edition of Master Chef, Shannon chose a project that guaranteed maximum versatility.
“I like to be able to choose how to use my kitchen, depending on the occasion. In addition to everyday use, for which the quality of detail and materials are important, the project developed with Christian Obereigner from Pure Interiors allows me to use it much like a professional environment, ideal for my frequent entertaining and dinners at home.”

The kitchen encompasses different zones for complementary activities: a long workbench next to the living area is perfectly organised for show cooking, while more practical functions and storage are kept more out of sight.

Designed in 1988, the Italia kitchen marked the start of collaboration between Antonio Citterio and Arclinea. Over the years, the technical equipment and materials of this model have evolved, while staying faithful to the original concept: combining the quality of sophisticated modern design with the high levels of efficiency and practicality typical of the professional sector.