A brand new duplex in a wonderful, leafy Athens Northern suburb serves the purpose of home, tranquil sanctuary and space of joyous gatherings. A delicately designed, muted color palette creates an all-embracing feeling of peacefulness and calm from the moment one enters the space. The elegant scheme of light greys, charcoals, blacks and camel hues, combined with the glass expanse of floor-to-wall windows, allows daylight to flood the residence in an almost theatrical manner, while subtle touches of recessed lighting provide points of focus and atmospheric accents. A passion for detail can be traced everywhere, as in the residence’s exquisite, seamless surfaces: capacious, sleek, made with an array of natural materials -such as wood and metal-, they contrast and complement the rest of the apartment’ s features, creating an almost unexpected unison. Dressed with supremely comfortable furnishings, the apartment’s sleek demeanor becomes a paradigm of cool.