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Mar 23 2020

Ater Architects uses blue curtains as walls in Kyiv apartment

Cobalt-blue curtains hang in place of walls in a small apartment in Kyiv renovated by Ukrainian architecture and interiors studio Ater Architects. Called EGR Apartment, the 65-square-metre space was cramped, featuring a compartmentalised layout with separate rooms connected by corridors.
Sep 19 2019

The Levee: A New Hospitality Venture Captures Tel Aviv’s Zeitgeist

Gracefully revamped during ten years of meticulous restoration by Tel Aviv-based Bar Orian Architects, the two-storey villa is crowned by a new rooftop-spanning penthouse whose contemporary sensibility, far from clashing with the century-old architecture, creates a hybrid sensibility that captures the city’s zeitgeist.
Jan 11 2019

Le Corbusier’s Renovated Private Apartment in Paris

The project was carried out by a multidisciplinary team including architecture practice François Chatillon, which specialises in revamping 20th-century buildings, and paint restorer Marie-Odile Hubert, who ensured that walls were recoloured in hues as close as possible to Le Corbusier's original palette. Italian furniture brand Cassina were also charged with restoring the apartment's furniture and the cow hide rug that features in the sitting area next to a black leather edition of Le Corbusier's signature LC2 lounge chair.

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May 17 2019

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May 30 2019

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