Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel (ACPV) has unveiled plans for a huge renovation of italian energy company enel’s headquarters in Rome. The extensive scheme proposes to bring the existing office building from the 1960s into the 21st century by putting corporate welfare, urban regeneration, innovation, and sustainability at the heart of the project.

The redevelopment covers a total area of 861,113 ft2 (80,000 m2) with a project designed to increase people’s wellbeing through modern and comfortable workspaces, and enhance agile working. The lighting and air conditioning systems will guarantee the highest levels of comfort, while spaces will be distributed to increase people’s wellbeing through the alternation of work environments and indoor and outdoor green spaces.


A gym will also be added to the existing facilities, which include a kindergarten, dining areas, and an auditorium.

Working on the redevelopment of the historic enel headquarters in rome, ACPV’s intervention brings to life a ‘building-city’, composed of towers that are harmonized by the newly found transparency of the building envelope. the glass of the new façade invites the eye to leap between architecture and the surrounding vegetation.

The new headquarters will be built by applying innovative principles of bioclimatic, sustainable and biophilic design. a BIM model was used for the design, which collects and renders information and 3D representations of the project’s entire life cycle, allowing for a more efficient and sustainable management both of the construction site and the final building.