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Jul 6 2024

Villa il Gioiello: a historic home in Tuscany, Italy | by Pierattelli Architetture

Pierattelli Architetture in Florence dove headfirst into the challenge of revamping and sprucing up Villa il Gioiello, merging refined elegance with the property's ancient charm.
Oct 14 2023

An art villa between Capri & Positano

The Li Galli archipelago, between Capri and Positano, is a widespread Wunderkammer that under the aegis of Giovanni Russo De Li Galli and his wife Nicoletta Fiorucci Russo celebrates a new form of alliance between man and nature, through the protection and enhancement of the landscape and the insertion of works of art.
Oct 29 2022

Edra Space

The Edra collection in a Video by Uberto Frigerio based on a project by Giovanni Gastel
Oct 25 2022

Villa I.E.

Villa I.E. - Architect Duilio Damilano
May 21 2022

Villa in Siena – Tuscany

Villa in Siena - Tuscany Furnished by Edra
Armchair Collection By Deloudis
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Apr 6 2024

Apartment M by Maria Kardami Design Studio

Mar 22 2024

Franck Muller Boutique in Athens designed by Keno Arena

Dec 14 2023

Cassina store in Athens, Grand Opening

Mar 27 2024

Portgate Tower, The new tower of Limassol

Light Collection
By Deloudis
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