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Oct 29 2022

Edra Space

The Edra collection in a Video by Uberto Frigerio based on a project by Giovanni Gastel
Oct 25 2022

Villa I.E.

Villa I.E. - Architect Duilio Damilano
May 21 2022

Villa in Siena – Tuscany

Villa in Siena - Tuscany Furnished by Edra
Feb 24 2022

Penthouse WF in Tilburg, The Netherlands

A stunning penthouse is built like a glass box on top of a high rise building, surrounded by its private rooftop terrace.
Oct 26 2021

Villa in Switzerland

Giorgetti starts a new collaboration the iconic Swiss watchmaking brand Audemars Piguet with the interior design project of the AP House in Barcelona.
Armchair Collection By Deloudis
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May 17 2019

Piero Lissoni designs modular Dock seating system for B&B Italia

May 30 2019

Barber and Osgerby creates Smalto enamel tables for Knoll

Light Collection
By Deloudis
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