Designed by the Milan based practice of Studiopepe, this winter apartment is a space which embodies all the comforts and symbolic elements of the coldest season of the year. Created in Spotti Milano, this warm, contemporary living environment covers all the bases in terms of comfort and relaxation, without foregoing one iota of innovative design dynamics.

The living space exhibits a unique feature of a floor to ceiling bookcase which contains timber cutoffs, the random formation bringing to mind the woodpile of a wood burning stove. Geometrics and curves combine within the space, constantly providing references of harmony and balance. Throughout the minimal interior, the eye is drawn to the fine details, a collection of mismatched mirrors on a wall shelf and grouped vases on a small surface. The winter forest wall mural introduces an element of nature into the urban environment, evoking memories of winter walks in the countryside.

It is these details which identify the design aesthetic of Studiopepe, small personal touches which adhere to their commitment to satisfy the needs of the client and create a warm seasonal environment in our rapidly changing world.