DELOOD.COM. An online destination for those seeking inspiration and new trends regarding modern design in all its forms, from art and fashion, to architecture and technology, right through to gastronomy. A site created by Deloudis, it is updated daily with items that are carefully selected to reflect the taste and design philosophy of the company that introduced design in Greece.

On February 1st 2011, Deloudis SA, member of Fondazione Altagamma, launched the online magazine, Delood.The Creation and motivation for the entrance of Deloudis SA into the world of online information media, was the need of the company and its associates to share with a wider audience, news of the constantly changing modern aesthetic trends concerning architecture, design, art, technology, fashion and gastronomy.

The online magazine will be updated daily and inform its users with all of the above, strictly edited by the aesthetic criteria which has been set for the magazine and its associates., in addition to the news and the creations of the powerful names in their fields who are involved, will dedicate its time to the discovery and presentation of creations which it feels will transform the aesthetics of tomorrow. The many years of experience of the company, awarded for their quality presentation of Italian design in Greece via the foundation of Altagamma, will do its utmost to make a daily window to a rapidly changing world for its users.