Vuelta a Empezar is an en-suite bedroom design inspired by that alluring source of temptation, the Garden of Eden. Designed by the practice of Egue y Seta, the project was part of the Casa Decor event held in Barcelona in 2010.

Primitive luxury abounds at every turn, mysterious dark mottled walls form a backdrop for a jungle scene of plants and vines at the head of the bed, a prominent object which is understandably covered in the sensuous fabrics of velvet and fur. Fixtures of reclaimed wood and floors of stone contrast with the transparency of the enclosed waterfall shower, a unique space adorned with semi-tropical plants and ferns.

The ethnic hand -crafted wooden bedside stands sit beside a contemporary metal floor lamp and a smart black shelving unit holding a selection of bright red apples, reminding us of the symbol of original sin. The entire space is assembled with a sense of the dramatic, transporting us to an exotic location where time stands still.