A one bedroom vacation house, designed by architect, Dimitris Rizos and interior designer Marilena Rizou, for a big family who owns more than one summer houses on the island. A place of tranquility and relaxation for two which can at the same time host a great dinner party for the whole family and friends.

 The house has an amazing flow of light and energy with many large arcades defining the open plan spaces and large openings with breathtaking views to the sunset.The feeling of subtle luxury was the objective when designing the interiors. Attention was given to every detail and only the finest materials were used, while keeping a calm and serene feeling with the use of simple lines and light colors.

 The architecture of the house as well as its orientation are responsible for the fact that it is filled with the islands famous light while the palette of off white tones used in the interiors for diffusing this light throughout its spaces.