Whoever is familiar with the work of Swedish art director/typographer Therese Sennerholt will instantly recognize her stunning black and white prints. A similar uncomplicated simplicity has been employed in the interior of her home designed by her friend, Lotta Agaton. Through this series of photographs by Kristopher Johnsson, we can take a peek behind the scenes and admire the ingenious use of her signature tones within her home environment, which perfectly reference her artwork!

The notable lack of colour is played out in full, as every corner and surface of the home presents a photo opportunity which could easily become the subject of her art. An element of organised chaos in seemingly randomly placed objects appear staged and prepared to pose in front of her lens. The rare touch of subdued colour appears in the brown rugs and the sweet potted lemon and olive trees, perhaps as a nostalgic reminder of a time in warmer climes. A terrific combination of curated contemporary furnishings and everyday objects are contrasted with the very basic retro metal radiator, functional kitchen and exposed pipework, which complement the minimal aesthetic of the space, exactly what one would expect from the home surroundings of the incredibly talented Ms. Sennerholt!