The Ghost collection by Studio Drift is a futuristic concept of a chair, a 3D image captured within the boundaries of its outer shell. But with today’s technologies the impossible can be simulated. The chairs are handmade with the best materials and specialists from Europe. Two different techniques were combined in a new way to form this first Ghost collection. Studio Drift use an unique 3D technique to create unusual subsurface drawings inside the solid Plexiglas chairs. The inner ghost is made from over a million tiny air bubbles, the image is a reflection of light on air, therefore the name Ghost Chair.

For the inner Ghost Nauta and Gordijn generated the most extreme 3-Dimensional shapes possible that do not refer to any other shape known. It had to look new and ‘never seen before’ but also natural at the same time. Within the restrictions of the material they hand drew one chair per week, letting their emotion of the day determine the shape of the drawing.

"During our shape research we stumbled upon our Dutch Queens’ chair collection and learned about a fascinating history we wanted to include in the collection.

In the past only the King was allowed to sit down. The other guests had to remain standing as a sign of decency. Except during fancy dinners people were allowed to sit. All the chairs in the dining room were part of one collection, from the shape of the chair you could see the social position. Of course the King’s chair was the biggest and together with the Queens chair; the only chairs with armrests. The guests at the table were aloud to sit on chairs with a backrest. The waiters sat on stools against the wall if they needed to take a rest, ready to jump up to serve the King and his guests. We decided to use this concept in our collection." -- Ralph Nauta & Lonneke Gordijn