XYZ Lounge located in Ghent’s Zebrastraat conference complex redefines the role of a place ‘in-between’.

It comprises of a hall, a central nave, smaller event spaces and a bar, leading through to the conference rooms. This unique passage was designed by a French architect, Didier Faustino, who aimed to marry a brutalist flair with modern design elements. The effect appears as a form of a retrofuturistic cathedral.

Set over 360 square metres, the large space was furnished with custom-made furniture such as polypropylene Delete Yourself chairs, marble countertops and leather bar seats. From stucco moldings through marble surfaces to the pink & olive-green color palette, Faustino commented on the project: ” ... the XYZ lounge, conscious of its duality, projects us into a romanticism of science fiction, crossing over into an unknown yet familiar elsewhere.”