In the lush countryside of North Wales in the village of Corwen, an 18th century sawmill had stood in disrepair for many years, a building in a unique location by the flowing water of a tributary of the River Dee, a scenic waterway with gushing waterfalls. That was until the DMD Group discovered it and saw further than its crumbling walls and visualized the potential of the building.

The transformation was carried out and the result is simply stunning with the original exterior of local grey stone, becoming one with the landscape. A transparent extension was designed to upgrade the size of the property in the least imposing manner. The rustic exterior opens up to contain a contemporary four bedroom residence to provide every comfort for its occupants throughout the year. Wherever possible, original structural elements were retained and enhanced, the dark exposed beams and natural stonework contrasting with smooth, neutral surfaces, extensive glazing and a spectacular ‘floating’ staircase.

In order to reflect the original purpose of the building as a working sawmill, a wide variety of wood has been employed throughout the interior in the choice of fittings and furniture. With the emphasis on warmth, comfort and functionality, respect for the heritage of the location shines through at every turn in this sensitive conversion project which results in a residence in which to unwind and escape from city life in the midst of nature.