On accepting the commission to build a home for a family in Singapore, WOW Architects faced the challenge of a small plot, common to the area, and the wish of the client to incorporate a pre-existing tree and expand on the garden theme within the design. The result is a contemporary home of carefully textured concrete, built on three levels, each one with its own water feature and garden area.

The whole structure is built around a glass enclosed atrium, in the center of which is a mature frangipani tree, native to the region. This sets the tone of the home as both the living and dining spaces open up to this area, making it an integral part of the everyday environment. Illuminated by natural daylight, plants, streams and ponds visible at every turn, reflecting pools creating a Zen tranquility all culminate to create a unique identity for this home. The final touch is a blissfully relaxing roof garden, making this development compliant with the architects’ intention of utilizing every available centimeter of space inside and outside of the home.