In the heart of manhattan, ‘times square diner’ is an interior renovated food destination competed by bluarch on 8th avenue, new york city. a conscious approach to details were taken to create a recognisable, yet inviting location that simultaneously instills the image of a diner and have the familiarity of a living room.

Warmth through colors and materials is achieved by the soft green linen-clad systems that floats below the ceiling and in front of the walls. bluarch‘s intent was to influence a play in light and shadow from the curvilinear and waffle pattern of the ceiling; adding a sense of depth to the horizontal space. behind the suspended linen system, the walls are constructed in wood, revealed in the gaps between and also the walls differentiating each seating booth.

Tables are organized over the long floor plan where the kitchen and bar sits at the end and defined by the introduction of tiled surfaces. a vintage character is established by the curving forms that express formal and tactile setting that ultimately allows for the restaurant to encounter new lightness.