A design project with a difference, undertaken by Radu Calin and Sebastian Mindroiu of the Romanian practice of Pick Two, is the Stadio Sports Bar. Located in the glass topped atrium of the Union Business Centre, an iconic heritage structure in the heart of Bucharest, Romania, the designers faced the challenge of transforming the 150 sq.m. space, which soared to an impressive height of 33m., into a friendly sports bar and restaurant, a place where sports fans and foodies alike could feel at home. In addition, taking into account the architectural significance of the building, the walls and floors were to remain untouched throughout the implementation of the project.

In order to visually reduce the height of the void, a circular installation, 4 meters in diameter was suspended over the space. Weighing in at 800 kg. the copper and brass circle, which resembled a central scoreboard on a football field, served to support six large screened TVs, ensuring a 360 degree view of the action. A number of bookcases were placed around the walls to display a diverse collection of sports memorabilia, both modern and vintage, including a locker donated by a Romanian football team. The addition of a variety of chairs, some colorful and others wooden as well as wooden tables printed with quotes from famous sports people, brought together the identity of the place. A quirky design in a most unexpected location, it reverts to a space for the staff of the building during the day by a minimal screen of colorful shoe laces, but during the evening hours, it is once again enjoyed by locals and visitors as a unique destination.