Sophie Deloudi Swimwear 2017 Collection experiments primarily with youthfulness and vitality but also with bohemian spirit and art movements, following, in a way the progression of the most creative years in history: from impressionism and pointillism to cubism and surrealism, honoring the exceptional painter Francis Picabia.
Softness and plasticity, represented with great consistency, mostly define the collection. Strong and vital, the woman of this story-telling, has in addition, a vigorous personality. She doesn’t put up with mediocrity – swimsuits and swimwear are impeccably sewn, of excellent quality and carefully designed in every detail in order to flatter different shapes, highlighting the silhouette.  Fluent, confident, femininity is the answer nowadays.

Patterns / Shapes
Cubistic mind-trapping motives, small, distinct colored dots, borrowed from the exquisite pointillistic technique, subtractive graphic forms and extraordinary art designs, compose the impressive pattern mood board of Sophie Deloudi Swimwear 2017 collection. On the other hand, soft lines, clean cut shapes and delicate straps accompanied by sporty elements, give the swimsuits the desirable, delight feminine aura. 
A pastel color palette consisting of skin tone hues like cream and dusty pink, comes in perfect harmony with darker, even mild colors, such as deep purple, greenish-blue aqua, earthy green and chocolate brown. Meanwhile, bright acid color in straps, gives a flashy, pop hint, underlining the swimsuit.

Straight cut soft trousers combined with off-the-shoulder voile top, pajama printed suit and sport chic skirts (with splits at the sides for a comfortable stride) as well as loose shorts, stand out of the beachwear collection which has been enriched by the designer, Sophie Deloudi, for summer 2017.  The same woman, dares to change her look, depending her mood: she enjoys her bohemian attitude as genuinely as she becomes a seductive woman for a day, an innocent lady if needed or a dynamic persona. Her closet includes a maxi, one-shoulder dress, a loose jumpsuit, a feminine wrap-dress and high-waisted shorts. Her style is defined by her personality and interesting personalities are always versatile.