The region of Ostuni in the province of Brindisi ( Puglia) has for some time been growing in popularity as a tourist destination during the summer months. It is an area with a diverse cultural background, specifically that of the Moors who left behind them a number of deserted ruins, the trulli, which are being reclaimed and incorporated into the construction of holiday homes.

This residence designed by Bolognia based architect, Luca Zanaroli incorporates such a trullo, not much more than a pile of ancient stones at the outset, into a four bedroom vacation home which stands as a wonderful example of how the past may be preserved with respect within a modern day architectural concept. From its humble beginnings, the four bedroom residence provides cool interior spaces for hot summer days within the thick stone walls and arched ceilings. A scattering of locally crafted objects add a traditional note to the simple neutral color palette of the space. 

The indoor/outdoor kitchen with its large windows leads out onto a timber deck and outdoor dining area. Nestled in the nearby olive grove is an adorable poolside pavilion complete with sofas and comfortable soft furnishings, everything that is needed to make this striking country residence into an ideal holiday destination!