Based in Dubai, Indian photographer Tejal Patni created a 2012 calendar for the fashion brand Splash with the concept of A New Beginning. The thought provoking work is inspired by the Mayan legend that the world will come to an end on 21st December 2012. The month of December ends on that date, but continues with the theme of A New Beginning on December 22nd as being the first day of the new month, it is quite possibly the only annual calendar with 13 months!

His dramatic images of stunning models in custom made outfits are posed against futuristic backgrounds of the new world, suggesting a comic book glimpse of life in the future of intergalactic travel and robots. The sets were created by artists using entirely recycled materials and props. The imaginative lighting and Bollywood colour combinations work together to create a calendar which poses the question of whether we are tied to our destiny or can we in fact create a new beginning.

The limited edition calendar was gifted by the Splash organization to 500 members of the Middle Eastern A-list, with an online edition in the pipeline.