Layered, tactile and sophisticated, yet playful and full of personality – these are just some of the words that come to mind when looking at the images of The Penny Drop Cafe in Melbourne’s Box Hill. Designed by We Are Huntly, in collaboration with a branding agency Pop & Pac, The Penny Drop sits at the base the new Australian Tax Office building, cheekily playing on the concept of the ‘penny dropping’ from the pockets of the ATO office above.

There is a lot to love about this gorgeous interior – curving geometries, tactile surfaces, terrazzo and granite, art deco light fittings, copper accents, and a perfect palette of soft pastels offset with natural materials. Each corner appears to deliver a different mood, yet everything comes together seamlessly and effortlessly. We Are Huntly is an interior design studio based in Melbourne bridging the gap between architecture and visual arts – looking at the bigger picture, by considering all of the little things. We had a quick chat with Kylie and Alicia about this beautiful project. Read on for further insight from their perspective.