The sports apparel giant Nike teamed up with the Shanghai based practice of Studio-at-Large to create a futuristic installation as part of a one day launch event for their latest footwear product, the Nike Free. Located in the 798 arts district in Beijing, visitors are invited to experience a three zone design which will not only inform them about the history of Nike but also involve them in an artistic vision of an imaginary track event.

The first zone welcomes visitors to a series of triangular stands which display information of the history of Nike. The second is a facsimile of an actual track event of invisible athletes ‘wearing’ the newly launched line of brightly coloured footwear. The shoes are suspended to mimic various levels of movement and appear to be participating in an actual event. A dark mirror placed directly above the 5 lane track doubles the energy of the piece which, by a stretch of the imagination is being ‘applauded’ by the ‘spectators’ represented by a series of Nike garments on hangers.

The third and final zone is The Finishing Line, a row of benches on which visitors may sit and listen to a number of athletes talking about their sport. The shoe itself is a much improved design in terms of comfort and flexibility and features a unique criss-crossing body which references a Chinese finger trap. An installation intended not only for followers of innovative design but also athletes and enthusiastic Nike fans.