A series of photographs depicting views of buildings make up the collection Morphogenesis by Pygmalion Karatzas of the practice of Karatzas Architecture + Photography. The originality and artistic merit of the collection earned the artist a place in the list of winners of the prestigious 2014 Architizer A+ Awards.

The approach of Pygmalion Karatzas is to present his vision of architecture in images on a par with fine art through various techniques such as panoramic, long exposure and time lapse, which create an amazing variety of light, shade and form within his work. He states, 'Photography has become the lens through which we can observe and analyse the evolution of architecture'.

Through his images he aims to revive interest in the most jaded of subjects and palettes, offering alternative viewpoints to often photographed subjects and structures which had once been considered unworthy of interest or without merit. He views architectural photography as an approachable, hands on fine art form which is rapidly gaining popularity. The duality of the art form is an appealing subject which can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.