Let’s talk about the importance of lighting; this powerful and versatile design tool that holds the key to a project’s overall impact and whose endless boundaries have the ability to brilliantly transform a scheme and create jaw-dropping, dynamic visual statements. An integral component of the design process, lighting has the ultimate power to enhance a space, define and highlight its features and determine its stimulating nature by transforming even the simplest space into a work of art.

We discovered that this approach seems to be the area of expertise for Greek-based lighting design expert Christos Papachristos and his CPLD team, who recently caught our attention, through their series of thought-provoking lighting schemes!As an independent lighting consultant, heunderlines the significance of lighting used as a medium to provide intriguing decorative effects, create illusions of space and volume, add contrast and produce atmospheric and mood enhancing lighting schemes. Creative lighting demands a thoughtful balance of various sources of light and a clear comprehension of the effects that can be achieved through direction and control. What’s more interesting, is his choice to specialize in a more anthropocentric approach, one which examines both the psychological and physiological impacts that lighting has on the occupants of a space.

As a result of their ‘more than vision’ approach, CPLD has successfully managed, to create unique dynamic visual environments in every single project and we can’t wait to see with what they are going to dazzle us next!