Moooi LONDON LDF 2018 Installation and Debutantes 

“We searched museums around the world and found the most incredible drawings of bygone animals, documented by explorers on their travels. We were able to borrow them for our “Museum of Extinct Animals”. So much of what has lived is lost and can only live in our memories and imagination. For Moooi, the “Museum of Extinct Animals” became an inspiration. We want to share our excitement, wonder and love, and try humbly, against our better judgement, to hold on to what is lost and celebrate it coming back alive again." - Marcel Wanders 

Dodo Pavone New Concept Installation 

For London Design Festival 2018,The Moooi London Showroom & Brand Store will host a new concept installation honouring Dodo Pavone, one of 10 forgotten animals whose drawings have been inspiration for creating a whole new world of surfaces. This installation will showcase Dodo Pavone rug and wallcovering as a backdrop to Love Sofa adorned in new fabric from The Extinct Animals collection.The Museum of Extinct Animals is highlighting that the most invaluable treasure from past and present expeditions is the unexpected diversity of beauty in all its forms.

The Museum of Extinct Animals, first shown during Salone del Mobile this year, celebrates nature’s diversity, offering endless creative inspiration. Some of the participants have started their own adventure and the Moooi London Showroom & Brand Store is delighted to welcome the glorious Dodo Pavone! The inspiration for the eclectic Extinct Animal Collections comes from the long forgotten extinct animals museum drawings showing their beauty and all the striking features, their majesty and mystery. A new collection of fabrics, leathers, carpets and the introduction of Moooi wallcovering, bring the extinct animals back to life!

Extinct Animal Collections 

Extinct Animal Fabrics by Moooi: The Extinct Animal Fabrics are the ultimate high-end collection of fabrics and leathers bringing a touch of luxury, softness and a splash of natural beauty to upholstered designs from the Moooi collection.Their organic structures, extreme softness or roughness, their landscapes and geometric patterns are reminders of the wonders of nature. Using an assortment of high-quality materials, they range from high pile cotton velvet to jacquards; from treated leathers to mohair and fluffy fur.Thanks to this collection, our favourite Moooi designs get to wear the most amazing outfits! 

Moooi Wallcovering by Arte: Moooi is proud to announce its new partnership with Arte, passionate manufacturer of sophisticated wallcoverings achieving the highest standards of quality with extraordinary, innovative designs.
The Extinct Animal Wallcovering collection broadens Moooi’s design horizons by adding a new vertical dimension thus completing its 360° world of creative luxury. As with fabrics, the extinct animals’ features and textures are poured into a collection of luxurious wallcoverings, made of the most exquisite materials, such as three-dimensional soft suede, real metal foil, paper weave, raw jute, moiré textile etc. 

Each pattern is inspired by the characteristics of one animal. Striking combinations of colours, features and patterns of its fur, plumage or skin bring it vividly back to life on our walls. Some designs narrate a story; others stimulate our senses through the use of imagery and textures. Cherish the possibility of bringing imaginative worlds and symphonies of shapes & colours to the vertical dimension. 

Moooi Carpets: Following on the success of the existing Moooi Carpets design range,The Extinct Animal collection is a new family within the Signature collection. Each carpet is inspired by one of the extinct animals. The colours, structure and patterns of their fur, plumage or skin comes vividly back to life. Legends and stories that surround these creatures from the past also find a place at the heart of every carpet. 

Thanks to the use of an extremely soft and comfy material, high pile soft yarn, their high-resolution prints bring the animals back into our lives, untamed and beautiful. 

Obon Tables by Simone Bonanni: Obon is a collection of three tables inspired by an ancient, earthy, irregular material: terracotta.With its origins lost in the mists of time, terracotta is at the base of millenary archaeological finds all over the world.These precious discoveries are evidence of our timeless creativity and desire to leave a sign, admire and ritualize.The tables’ design is the result of a patient process of combining shapes and volumes. Their graphical purity blends into the structure of ceramics creating a unique mix of new and antique. Enjoy a pure touch of earthiness in a sophisticated world. 

Pet Lights by Marcel Wanders: Uhuh, Purr & Noot Noot (owl, rabbit & penguin) are a series of table lamps by Marcel Wanders with their very own personalities and characteristics. Rounded, endearing and elegant, they find their place in any kind of interior climate and environment.Their frosted glass bodies, decorated with touches of gold, emit a sunny, heart-warming light glow. Choose your favourite characters amongst a penguin, a rabbit and an owl. 

Their gold plated ceramic features bring the animals to life, accessorizing them with precious jewels that complement the snowy whiteness of their bodies. Enjoy a wonderland of fairy tale characters with heaps of charm! 

Something Like This Sofa by Maarten Baas: Something like this sofa has developed into a complete modular system, to match any interior style and dream.With endless possibilities, and an online configurator as a great help tool, imagination is the only limit! 

The Golden Chair Black by Nika Zupanc: Black is the new gold for Nika Zupanc’s Golden Chair. Its elegant new black frame and the existing golden one can both be dressed in a selection of fabrics to match different interiors. 

Bart Pouf & Footstool by Moooi Works: Inspired by 18th century Rococo, Bart Family is now ready for the full range of 21st century comfort. Available in two sizes, it completes the collection with its rounded charm. 

Coppélia Suspended Black by Arihiro Miyake: Coppélia’s dance continues fluid and undisturbed in this new version, available in two sizes. Enveloped in a black costume. 

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