Mono stands out, in Sweden as a whole and in Södermalm, not only in terms of design and atmosphere, but also in the way it was conceived. The construction company Glommen & Lindberg have commissioned Note Design Studio and the architect firm Koncept Stockholm to design an entirely unique and select block of flats that makes the most of the space available in this listed part of Södermalm.

Note Design Studio and Koncept Stockholm are building Mono from scratch by means of a joint creative process that brings together each individual element, from façade cladding to interior design, into a unified whole.

This building is a positive contribution to urban densification. One of the challenges has been to make the interior solution as sustainable and captivating as the innovative façade and to collaborate with others on an integrated building with a distinct character.

"This part of Södermalm is recognised by its impressive industrial, modernist architecture. Mono is firmly planted in the surrounding urban, industrial
landscape. It has a Scandinavian feel in terms of functionality while playful solutions and colourful details gives it a continental touch."
Note Design Studio is responsible for the entire Mono interior design programme. Considering the restricted floor space, the firm has taken our increasingly social lifestyle into account by creating room for many friends and long meals. Mono packs function, quality and atmosphere into every square metre. The Note designers have endeavoured to add a contemporary hotel ambiance through inviting corridors and plenty of communal spaces for social interaction.
A great deal of care has been invested in each room in order to give it a distinct character. The same goes for kitchens and bedrooms. Note have selected high-quality materials throughout, and each room offers unique features and individual solutions.