In the picturesque area of Braganca Paulista in the San Paulo region of southeastern Brazil, M&M House, designed by the practice of Studio MK27, sits unobtrusively within the luxuriant hills and indigenous trees of the countryside.

The low level horizontal structure is divided into two unequal volumes, meeting to form a semi-open living space which extends to the pool and deck. The concept of the design is to withstand the tropical climate of the region and provide a high level of comfort for the occupants. Built in a linear fashion, the open plan living spaces of the interior, together with optional openings of the all-round glazing, creates an element of natural cross ventilation.

The green roof which allows the home to merge with its surroundings, also facilitates the cooling system of the house. A series of wooden slatted doors and screens which cover the glazing, transform the home from a high level of transparency to a solid wooden structure, protecting it from the heat and humidity of the summer months. The sophisticated interior exudes a colonial air of simple elegance in a material palette of local wood, granite, concrete and glass. The home is enhanced by its reflection in the infinity pool, blurring the boundaries of the landscaping and the beauty of nature stretching endlessly for as far as the eye can see.