Milan Design Week 2017: to visitors until the opening of the showroom in via Durini is just enough to understand that armchairs and sofas are confirmed undisputed protagonists of the living area. You want to know what the trends are intercepted by renowned designer? What shapes, colors and fabrics have captured our attention? Here we present a selection of brand new products previewed in design Milan street.

Let's start with B & B Italy, which this year celebrates 20 years of the Charles sofa by Antonio Citterio (1997) with an installation signed Migliore + Servetto Architects and a new bright red jacket, as well as embark on a new collaboration with Piero Lissoni signature Sake , seating system designed for light weight. The reference image, the flying carpet, it becomes formal balance translating your departure suggestion in an elegant platform suspended bounded by pillows. In addition to being the first product designed by the Milanese B & B, Saki also another record: it is the first company sofa converts into a bed. It is exhibited along with another novelty 2017: Harbor, the mini collection of chairs upturned trunk designed by Naoto Fukasawa, a spin-off of the famous Papilio.

A few meters away also Cassina presents two new upholstery systems, and spare them the main window on Via Durini. Their names are Floe Insel Sofa and Soft Props and come respectively from the multifaceted creativity of Patricia Urquiola, artistic director of the brand, and refined compositional rigor of Konstantin Grcic.Two great character designer for two seemingly very different products that reflect the constant Cassina commitment to experimentation during this year's Milan Design Week. Declined, in the case of the Spanish architect, through organic lines due to the suggestion of the icebergs of Greenland, while, in the project of the German designer, to stand out is the simplicity and flexibility of the system.

Perfectly integrated within an image sophisticated and contemporary, the various modular combinations, connected by a tubular inspired sight to the handles of the Milan subway Franco Albini and Bob Noorda, guarantee a high degree of customization and functionality. A Cassina product to 100%, as the re-release of the revolutionary armchair MB1 Quartet, designed 50 years ago by Mario Bellini through the composition of 4 cushions linked by a belt inserted between the loops. E 'wonderfully performed in different fabric and color choices in the new image of the showroom designed by Patricia Urquiola.