On the banks of the Danube in Bratislava, Eurovea stands the Mercado, the latest business venture for the Medusa Group, the largest catering group in the country. In a clean bright space with a definite urban industrial vibe, Mercado pays homage to fresh produce, seasonal fruit and vegetables which claim a role within its diverse menu. The exciting mix of vegetarian, vegan, Mediterranean, Slovak, together with Eastern specialties, all prepared with an unexpected twist together with an interesting range of beverages have been devised to tempt locals and tourists alike.

A background of metal and wood with a color palette of grey provides a neutral setting for the introduction of color in the form of crates of fresh fruit and vegetables normally seen in a marketplace, in fact Mercado means ‘market’ in Spanish. In the non-smoking section, an incredible living wall of potted plants of flowers and sweet smelling herbs bombard the senses while in the smoking section, a wall of growing ivy helps to filter the air in a natural way and provides a welcoming space for dedicated smokers.

A quirky mix of seating, including orange chairs and cushioned benches, floor to ceiling glazing and wonderful river views, optional outdoor dining on the riverside pavilion have all contributed to making Mercado a popular destination for casual dining from an inventive menu which represents the current trends in modern day Bratislava.