The refurbishment of this 190 sq.m. space was undertaken by Piratininga Arquitetos Associates, in order to provide a comfortable home with private spaces for two males, a man and his son. The apartment in question, which is located in a high rise on one of the most sought after areas in downtown Sao Paulo, was originally the work of one of the leaders of the modernist movement in Brazil, Abelardo de Souza.

The communal areas were opened up to provide a loft like space, untreated concrete panels create separations and provide storage for books and equipment. The separate seating areas, sleeping quarters and dressing rooms were transformed from the utility rooms and the existing bedrooms, providing spaces in accordance to the tastes of the owners, simple and minimalistic for the younger male and more on classic lines for the elder. A neutral color palette and a scattering of well-chosen artworks complete this decidedly male environment.