At the 5th floor of a building built during the 70’s, opposite the Mayor’s House at the Kotzia Square – Central Athens, the Interior Architect Designer, Elena Karoula, based in Athens, converted a dull and impersonal space into a Loft. A Loft, through which one can travel into the past, the present and the future of the Historical centre of Athens.

This Loft generates an individuality which at the same time projects a familiarity. It is a space which blends welcomingly serenity with simplicity and functionality and at the same time allows the atmosphere of the Square with the ruins of the Athenian wall of the Classical times and the view to the Lycabettus mountain to enter through the elongated glazed surface of the front elevation. All the vibe of the central Athens of today is slipping into the internal space and it’s adding that extra spicy ambience of universality.

Elena Karoula had to manage a rectangular box with two pillars in the centre and to meet all the practical necessities of its owner.

Without spoiling the unity of the space which is profounded by the original mosaic flooring, the Interior Architect provided separate “cavities” for the kitchen, the bathroom, the W.C., the dressing area and the bedroom by the use of sculptural partitions which are partially lifted off the ground and the use of “bubble paper” as a curtain separation, thus achieving the absolute sense of freedom for the user of the space and at the same time the furniture/objects of known designers are complimenting the atmosphere with the simplicity of their volume.

A touch of surrealism is the red paint used for the floors and walls of the W.C. and in a way it overflows outside and covers the channels made on the floor by the previous users. The bathroom area is turned into a private spa through the use of timber floor and the stone applied on the walls.

This Loft belongs to the “genuine” category of its kind as it is used to be an Industrial space turned into a proposal of a new way of living for today! The space is minimal by its origins and every addition made for servicing the practical aspects was done in the same parameter of minimalism with a touch of surrealism which places the whole venture into a form of “An Artistic Expression”!