Minas Kosmidis of Architecture in Concept has done it again! After a series of fun, colourful interiors completed by his innovative practice, we are now presented with an entirely different concept, that of the Link Jewelry store in Thessaloniki. The 30 sq.m. space is a virtual jewelry box designed to display a stunning range of pieces created by a carefully curated selection of prestigious Greek and international designers.

If shopping is a therapeutic pastime then the purchase of a gloriously glittering object deserves a special place in the medicine cabinet as the most effective of cures. After putting their heads together, the client and the designer came to the conclusion that the optimum environment for such an experience should exude a welcoming intimacy combined with an elegant sense of luxury, an interior which does not distract from the beauty of the product.

It was with this in mind that the word ‘link’, written in rapid sequence become transformed into a series of abstract forms and became the inspiration for the custom designed chandelier and the base of the highly polished, gold rimmed green marble table, its abstract form exerting a defining presence as a ‘precious’ object in its own right. The understated simplicity of the wall mounted display case below the twin mirrors and the marble slab with the logo of the store, allow the product to take a starring role. The only stroke of vivid colour is the artwork, a final touch which leaves us sitting on the edge of our seats, wondering what Mr. Kosmidis will do next!