Athens based architect Kois Stelios and associates have recently completed the new Linea Piu Boutique on the island of Mykonos.

In line with the architectural mode in the town of Chora, the exterior of the building was retained in its picturesque whitewashed cube design, as a continuation of its neighboring buildings. The interior however, is a cool contemporary haven, a perfect blend of modernity and tradition, worthy of this high end luxury store.

The concept of the design is Allusion, every aspect of the design aesthetic relates to a side of Mykonian art and culture. The bespoke metal furnishings and fixtures are a homage to pieces on display at the local museum, the light shades  remind us of the lighthouses and various decorative items throughout the interior, bring to mind aspects of the Cyclades, from ancient times  to modern day.

The goal of the designers was to create a space which combines the spirit of an iconic location with the quality and good taste of the brand, and this has most certainly been achieved in the creation of the Linea Piu Boutique, Chora, Mykonos.

Principal Architect: Kois Stelios
Design Team: Patsiaouras Nikos, Marielina Stavrou, Filippos Manolas, Konstantinos Giannakis
Construction: Korfiatis Kostas