A little village in the hinterland of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula called Red Hill may not squeal design hotspot, but a few recent additions to the region’s accommodation options may be changing that idea. Last year there was Jackalope, Carr Design’s slick, moody 46-room boutique hotel nestled beside a vineyard. And now, Hecker Guthrie’s Lindenderry Hotel makeover has been revealed. While it’s utterly different in style to Jackalope, with a sort of modern English country manor sensibility, its design credentials check out.

Hecker Guthrie‘s idea for the Lindenderry was to produce intimate spaces inspired by the charming rural setting of the property – something the studio has described as a “contemporary take on the traditional estate home.” The palette marries up with generous views of Red Hill’s muted green landscape – via textures, warm timbers, colour, and artwork. It’s then been simplified and modernised by reeded glass, timber frames and strappings, curtains, and distinctive lighting features. Existing artwork from the client’s sprawling private collection has been woven into the space – but each has been given an update through a little fresh curation: re-framing or a switch-up of location. Restaurant and gathering spaces needed to be flexible – to accommodate leisurely tourists and conference guests, and to have their own visual identity but feel cohesive with the rest of the hotel. For these spaces, character was reintroduced through linings and furnishing with a mix of classic and contemporary pieces.