Located on the south coast of England, Lighthouse 65 is a stunning contemporary residence designed by the Winchester based practice of AR Design Studio. Winner of the 2012 RIBA Downland Prize, it adheres to the design philosophy of Andy Ramus and his interpretation of eco-friendly, innovative architecture.

On a beach front site, seven meters below street level, the two-storey horizontal structure is situated between two conventional homes. The main entrance is through a frameless glass cube set on the roof, the remaining space functioning as a three space parking area. A steel spiral staircase enclosed within a concrete core provides access to the home.

As the outstanding seascape was a vital element within the design, every room faces the sea and enjoys a view of the Isle of Wight through the floor to ceiling glazing. The lower level contains the public areas while the three bedrooms are situated on the upper level, partially cantilevered to offer shelter to the outdoor living area and deck, with bathrooms and utility spaces placed at the rear of the home.

The simplicity of form and transparency paved the way for its award winning status but the obvious reference to a lighthouse may be seen within the roof based glass cube which contains a barometer and reacts to local weather conditions. When good weather is expected, it glows with a green color but when the atmospheric pressure falls, a red glow appears. As the local coastal waters of the Solent are a popular sailing area, this factor may be seen as an unofficial warning system for the pleasure boats which frequent the region.