An ambitious revitalisation plan, promoted by Consorzio A.S.T. Vigevano - Agenzia per lo sviluppo territoriale with Comune di Vigevano and Associazione Irrigazione Est Sesia, supported by Fondazione Cariplo and Arcus (now incorporated in Ales), with the organizing collaboration of Gamm-Giunti, that aims to transform part of the ancient castle into a museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci. Result of a competition launched by Consorzio A.S.T. in 2012, the permanent exhibition, conceived by Migliore+Servetto Architects for “Leonardiana.

Un museo nuovo”, develops, by advanced light tools, multimedia and environmental graphics design, a definitely innovative narration tool which leads the visitor to explore the main phases of Leonardo’s thinking during his lifetime, with the curatorship of Claudia Zevi&Partners and with the supervision of Carlo Pedretti. The set up fits lightly within the Maschio of the Castle independently and non-invasively, allowing the reading of the historical rooms of the Palazzo Ducale, but offering at the same time an immersive experience of knowledge and exploration, defining a multimodal message made available to different audiences.

The exhibition itinerary winds along the historical rooms of the castle, defining unexpected storytelling places which evoke the richness of different contents: music, reproduction of artwork and drawings, scientific contributions and interactive systems which, starting from his stay in Vigevano and thanks to his relationship with the Sforzas, propose a broader view of the whole body of the artist’s work and highlight original episodes. “We worked on reversed relationship between vessel and content, between original piece, replica and narration, to make the exhibited subject become the thought and the action of Leonardo inside the original scene. In a rich dialogue with the historical rooms of the castle, the exhibition develops through light installations and structures that combine interactions and advanced technologies to build new narration scenarios.” (Ico Migliore e Mara Servetto)