French architect Jean Nouvel has designed and furnished 24 apartments as part of ‘the rooms of Rome’, a new hotel concept in the heart of the Italian capital. The location, which is housed within a historic palazzo, offers highly personalised stays with guests are able to select from a wide range of offerings. Before check-in, guests are able to choose everything from the perfume that scents their room to the beauty treatments they would like to receive upon arrival.

Jean Nouvel imagined ‘the rooms of Rome’ as a series of bespoke steel boxes, designed to align with the architecture of the historic site. Existing in stark contrast to the surrounding building, these ‘openable areas’ contain kitchens, bathrooms, or cabinets. Units range from studio spaces to the superior apartment, which features a fully equipped kitchen. Nouvel has filled the interiors with a curated selection of sleek furniture that complements the high-end appliances.