The lively downtown area of Kolonaki is famed for its all day eateries and all night fun, the choice of destinations, for either of these pursuits, is confounding to say the least! Our most recent discovery is a fresh food restaurant, with a visually unique interior of effortless elegance and powerful simplicity, designed by Divercity

A refreshingly clean and structurally honest space, where pale timber and all its natural qualities take the centerstage! This comes as no surprise, as the entire concept is based on a packaging crate; a wooden container in which food is gathered, stored and delivered to the restaurant, where it is lovingly prepared and served. An idea which perfectly mirrors the ethos of this fresh food eatery, promising to serve its customers with mighty-fine, tongue-stripping delicacies, only of the very best quality. Whatsmore, It Restaurant functions as a host for a wide range of food related events, presentations and exhibitions!

Through the installation of low cost modular pale wood boxy shelving units and chipboard panels on any exposed surface of the walls, the cozy immersive ambience presents an honest folksy feel to the minimal aesthetic of the interior.  Freshness is evident in the atmosphere through the scattering of potted herbs adorning the walls, in addition to a selection of the products for sale within the establishment.

What we have here is a delightfully innovative space whose brilliantly refined vibrancy and flawlessly executed design concept are seamlessly fused with most charming outdoor space; ensuring that the sociable ambience that Kolonaki is famed for, never gets lost! 

Design: Divercity

Construction: ECC - Engineering, Construction & Consulting S.A. 

Logo design: we design 

Brand identity: this is amateur